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zebra fly sheet for horses

Dear sir, madame

I would like to know if the zebra flysheet art nr 11499 (flysheet with removable protection for the neck and protection for the belly) is also available in seize 165  (215 cm). I have a large friesian horse and his height is 170 cm, so size 155 (205) is to small. I hope you have a larger size. Maybe I can order it already, because I saw that these flysheets are available from the end of March 2014.

I hope to hear from you soon.

With kind regards from the Netherlands.

Our answer:

thanks for your interest in our zebra fly rugs. Art.-no. 11499 is not available in size 165 cm. We suggest art.-no. 44094. The protection of the zebra design against horseflies is so perfect that you normally need no belly protection. The belly protection is only necessary for horses which suffer of summer eczema.

Another email of the customer:

Thank you for your early reply. Is it possible to make a reservation for a zebra fly rug art nr 44094 in size 165 cm (215 cm). It is available from the end of March?

Our answer:

you can now buy art.-no. 44094. When we receive the payment we will make a reservation for your order. We will deliver the zebra fly rug on 28 th of march.

Best regards

zebra fly sheet